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Flying in a Cessna 172.

My name is Eric James and I am thirty-four years old. I live in what I consider to be the best place in the entire world, if not certainly Canada on Vancouver Island. I also have what I consider to be one of the best jobs in the world as an Officer in Her Majesty’s Royal Canadian Navy. However, I do not have the best kidneys in the world. Four years ago I was diagnosed with kidney failure, from a disease that runs in my family. I have been on the kidney machine for over two years now and I am preparing to receive a live donor transplant in the future. In the meantime I cannot sail with the Navy (that certainly does not hold me back from sailing, sailing with friends around the Gulf Islands), so I spend my time developing training material for junior officers. My hope is to someday be back to sea.

When I am not working on training material, getting my blood cleaned or enjoying the wonderful outdoor offers of the rugged British Columbian coast I am praising my Lord at my Anglican Catholic parish. My faith is extremely important to me, certainly more important than anything I’ve mentioned yet. Jesus Christ is the centre of my life and the entire meaning of my being. Practically I am a catholic who has left the Roman church and is now learning more and diving deeper into the Anglican Catholic faith.

This is blog is certainly about that journey. It is also about developing my faith further and connecting with other like minded individuals. My faith played an important role in overcoming the trauma that followed my diagnoses and continues to play a role as I walk a journey of health and healing. Christ is certainly a fixture in my own personal health and I think it takes a person who has been through something similar to fully understand. Or at least someone who is near to one who has, again a purpose of this blog.

Sailing on the West Coast of Canada.

I am not able to get out as much as I did when I was healthy but I still enjoy a good hike anywhere on the island and a night out enjoying food from all around the world. While I wouldn’t call myself a foodie because I detest the word and labels in general, I do very much enjoy a good meal especially with great company and fine wine. There is something very near to divine about sharing a meal with people in companionship (which comes from the French phrase, one who I break bread with). This is actually also the essence of the Eucharist, but there will be more about that in my blog posts.

I will post reflections from time to time and editorials on faith and issues in and around the church. Feel free to comment and offer your opinion, almost all are welcome except for those which are hateful or hurtful toward others. This is first and foremost a Christian space; and my comment policy is very simple; rebuke and forgive just as we are taught in Scripture as Christians. Everything else is fair game. If you feel so compelled to reach out to contact me you can do so through my email: inklessEJ@protonmail.com.

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