The Anglican Church of Canada: Reflections on a Journey in Progress

All through-out the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint Barnabas Anglican Church in Victoria, British Columbia has been hosted a virtual series of lectures and activities that advance the questions around what it means to be the church. This series was initiated by the Rev. Canon Dr. Travis O’Brian who is the Rector of Saint Barnabas Church.

During Lent, the Rev. Dr. Kim Murray gave a four-part lecture series on the history of the Anglican Church in Canada entitled Reflections on a Journey in Progress. We posted the weekly videos here as they were released over the Lenten Sundays however it can be difficult to follow this piecemeal release and sometimes it is best to have the entire series in front of us. So without further delay, here is the entire four-part series on the history of the Anglican Church in Canada presented by Fr. Kim over the 2021 Lenten season in Victoria, BC.

Below you can find all four parts in the post carousel or direct to the Youtube videos using the link belows:

Cover photo by Kentaro Toma on Unsplash.