Ordinary of Saint Barnabas

The Ordinary of Saint Barnabas expands on the Commons of Saint Barnabas and articulates the provision of each Common. The Ordinary provides a detailed framework of how activity within the Apostolate is ordinarily conducted. The Ordinary and the Commons together form the backbone of the order and conduct of the Apostolate.

I. Ordinary of our Common Faith

We profess our Christian faith in the Nicean and Apostles’ Creeds. We are are Anglican in our expression of faith and catholic in our nature and tradition. Fundamentally, we are catholic and one with the Body of Christ. We commit one another and our whole selves to Christ our Lord.

II. Ordinary of our Common Liturgy

We praise and worship the Lord Jesus Christ through the Sacred Liturgy of the catholic church handed down throughout the ages under the authority of Apostolic Succession. We adhere to the form of Mass prescribed in the Anglican Church of Canada’s Book of Alternative Services which permits a Mass similar in language and custom to that of 1962. We commit ourselves to the canonical hours of prayer in the Divine Office and adhere to the form of Divine Office prescribed in the Anglican Breviary. In both instances we put our utmost trust in the Bishops of our Church in their guidance and approval of the liturgy of the faithful. We commit ourselves to attend weekly Mass without reservation and to attend Mass during the week whenever possible. We commit to contributing to the material needs of the liturgy at Saint Barnabas Church.

III. Ordinary of our Common Prayer

We commit to pray the Divine Office contained within the Anglican Breviary daily. When possible members shall pray their daily obligation in communion at the church, following that not being possible members should seek to pray in groups together, and that not being possible, members should seek to pray together as a family or household and if that is not possible than a member may be permitted to conduct their office in private.

Canonical hours for the purposes of daily prayer are defined as follows:

  • Matins – Vigil Prayer, past midnight to rising, typically done at rising in the morning.
  • Lauds – Morning Prayer, completed prior to 9 am, especially if conducting the Little Hours of Prime, Terce, Sext or None. Matins and Lauds may be said together in the morning.
  • Little Hours – Prime, Terce, Sext, None, if said all canonical hours should be adjusted to traditional times.
  • Vespers – Evening Prayer, completed at or just prior to sunset each day.
  • Compline – Night Prayer, said prior to retiring for the evening.

Fellows shall pray daily the hours of Matins, Lauds, Vespers and Compline. The Little Hours of Prime, Terce, Sext and None are not required but encouraged when possible.

Novitiates are divided into two grades for daily prayer requirements; Second Grade requires daily recitation of Compline while learning Matins, Lauds and Vespers while First Grade requires daily recitation of Lauds, Vespers and Compline but not Matins until a Fellow.

Associates are not required to recite the Divine Office but are encouraged to attend public prayer services and support the needs of the Apostolate in this ministry.

Regardless of requirements, all members are encouraged to pray whatever Office they are comfortable with and are able. Special dispensation from daily prayer may be granted by the Rector for reasonable purposes.

Lauds and Vespers will typically be conducted at the church daily for all members and anyone wishing to attend. On Holy Days and Feasts a special Matins or Vigil Office may be said publicly at the church early in the morning or late in evening prior.

IV. Ordinary of our Common Work

We commit ourselves to daily work at Saint Barnabas Anglican Church under the authority of the Rector. We commit to being active participants in the parish community and will strive to provide for the material needs of the church at all times. We commit ourselves to supporting one another in our work within the parish and to work to develop one another for the betterment of our parish as a whole.

We assume positions of leadership within the church and coordinate succession planning that includes personal and spiritual development. We are active members of the community who support the Rector in the accomplishment of their mandate to provide the Sacraments and tend to the spiritual needs of the church.

We cultivate vocations within the Apostolate and advance the spiritual and professional needs of our members at all times.

V. Ordinary of our Common Way

We commit ourselves to the Way of Light of Saint Barnabas and our Commons, our Constitution and these Ordinaries. We commit ourselves to lawful obedience of the Rector and leaders of the Apostolate for the betterment of our church, our friends, our families and ourselves.

Photo by Pedro Lima on Unsplash.