New Series: Being Christian

I would like to introduce a new series which this blog will be exploring over the next few months before the commencement of Lent in mid-February this year. The theme of the series is a catechismal look at the Catholic faith through the lens of an Anglican Catholic. My hope is that my personal experience and knowledge of the Catholic faith and unique perspective as a former Roman Catholic turned Anglican will assist in developing a worthy and (God willing) interesting series.

I’ll be using several sources for this series. Primary sources will be Holy Scripture and the writings of Saints and early Church Fathers. Secondary sources will include an Anglican catechism entitled Being Christian: An Anglican Catechism, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and relevant documents/writings from both Anglican and Roman Catholic sources. My hope is not to limit this exploration to one tradition of Catholicism or another, I wish to present both together which is what makes this series unique but fitting for the nature of my blog.

The entire series will be under the Catechism category of the blog and will carry the tag Being Christian for future reference and organization. I look forward to presenting the articles of the series!

One thought on “New Series: Being Christian

  1. Many thanks for this- I very much enjoy this blog and am looking forward this series on being Christian.

    Your perspective as someone who has transferred from Roman Catholicism to Anglican Catholicsm gives a broad perspective on the Catholic tradition. I am intetested too in the way that groups of Roman Catholics who have migrated to Anglicanism as collective entities have preserved unique riches from their own ecclesisastical heritage and brought those riches with them into their new ecclesisastical home- the Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church, which is an extra provincial diocese if the Anglican Communion, springs to mind as an example of that phenomenon. Thanks again for this excellent blog. Prayerful best wishes.

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