Mary, the Mother of God

Today catholics all around the world celebrate the solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God. The title Mother of God should not be controversial and yet within many parts of Christianity it is extremely controversial. And more often than not this controversy is rooted in ignorance about devotions to Mary.

To say that Mary is the Mother of God is to both honour her status (a status that is upheld many times by Jesus Himself through out the Gospels) and, more importantly, honour that status of the Christ– as fully man and fully human. How can God have a mother you ask…this is impossible as God was not created. But there is an aspect of God within the Trinity that does have a mother, that was born from a woman. He also experienced all of the other human things we experience as well, that is what makes that part of the Trinity so powerful, and worthly of honour and praise.

We have a God who humbled Himself and came down in the form of man to claim divinity and sanctity for all humans. This is extremely powerful and it is something that is profoundly unique within Christianity. Our God does not play humans and mingle in our affairs like Greek gods of old, and He does not take the form of avatars that are removed from His true nature like the Hindu gods, rather Christ becomes fully man, empties His whole self– which was present when the world was made– into our humanity. For that reason God does have a mother, because all Three Persons of the Trinity are God, one-in-three-three-in-one. And when we say Mary is the Mother of God we are acknowledging this profound miracle of Christmas.

source of light in every age,
the virgin conceieved and bore your Son
who is called Wonderful God, Prince of Peace.
May her prayer, the gift of a mother’s love,
be your people’s joy through all ages.
May her response, born of a humble heart,
draw your Spirit to rest on your people.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.

Feature image by Josh Applegate on Unsplash.

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