WordPress #Catholic Tag

Do anyone else find the #Catholic hashtag on WordPress to be insanely depressing? It is loaded with blogs with titles like “True Catholic” and “Authentic Church” that rail on the present day pontificate of Pope Francis, the status of the church on a range of social issues and the ecumenism with fellow protestant Christians. It is depressing and sad and it hurts my heart to see the Church and Body of Christ do divided among the faithful here. It especially troubles me that seemingly thoughtful and devout Catholics are turning on their fellow church members in a blanket condemnation of the so-called Culture of Death.

When I read the posts in the #Catholic hashtag in WordPress, it reminds me of what Jerusalem must have been like at the time of Jesus. If the pharisees had WordPress their #Jewish hashtag would look a like like what the #Catholic one has been made to look like by a handful of modern faithful. The fact that these people do not see the connection in what they are doing today to the Body of Christ and what the Jewish leaders at Jesus’ time were doing with the law is deeply troubling for me. When I read through the hashtag, I see a self-proclaimed Church-militant that is obsessed with minor liturgical movements like whether to take the Eucharist on the hand or mouth (never minding the fact that we are in a crisis worldwide because people are not receiving the Eucharist at all), I see a supposed Church-militant that is more obsessed with sex and homosexuality than the secular world they are so quick to condemn and I see nothing but hate, division, vitriol and disgust and there is nothing Christ-like about any of those things. Worst of all, they are doing it all in the name of Christ, which saddens me to no end.

My prayer today is that the Spirit moves and helps these people to see that they are scourging the Body of Christ when they write these posts and continue down these divisive and dangerous paths. I pray that the Holy Spirit give them wisdom and grace to see the error in their ways and to come to know Christ who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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