Our Lady of Mount Carmel

From Christian Prayer:

Sacred Scripture celebrated the beauty of Carmel where the prophet Elijah defended the purity of Israel’s faith in the living God. In the twelfth century, hermits withdrew to that mountain and later founded the Order devoted to the contemplative life under the patronage of Mary, the holy Mother of God.

Antiphon for the Canticle of Zechariah in Morning Prayer:

I have openly sought wisdom in my prayers, and it has blossomed like early grapes.

Prayer from Morning Prayer:

may the prayer of the Virgin Mary protect us
and help us to reach Christ her Son
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.


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10 thoughts on “Our Lady of Mount Carmel

    • Scriptures does not directly call Mary the Mother of God, but since Jesus is God and Mary gave birth to Jesus who was fully man and fully God at the same time while here on earth among us, that would make Mary the Mother of God. You should check out my post on reading the Bible here for more information on why expecting literal meanings from the scripture is a dangerous fallacy. https://stoiccatholic.blog/2018/07/13/thoughts-on-the-bible/


      • Mary was a sinner & died in that state, awaiting the resurrection.
        If it’s not said in Scripture, then you should not assert/imply it.
        Mary is never described as MoG’.
        You make Mary as being a god?
        Your assertions are a ‘Fallacy’ & even worse a Heresy & Lies of the devil.
        I have Scripture & do not need your ramblings.


      • I was going to moderate this comment but again decided to leave it up. You are making a lot of assumptions and claims here without anything at all to back it up. You undermine the Word of God when you confine it to a personal understanding of the Bible today. And that is what you are doing when you start to say things like “if it’s not said in Scripture, then you should not assert/imply it.” The fact is that this is not actually how we do business within the church and broadly speaking it is not how God deals with His people, and hasn’t been through out history. Confining everything about religion and God to the Bible as you read it today is akin to confining the person of God in the the Temple, and we know historically how that went. And I will end on one final point, if you do not need my ramblings as you call them than you are not being forced to come here and read what I have to write and say.


      • I do not confine Scripture at all, though I do apply it personally,as The Word of God, I also apply it in a wider sense/application without distorting it, as you catholics habitually/sententiously do.
        Your so-called church is most certainly not Christian, and you could not show it to be the case either. The fact remains that the RCC has murdered millions because they held to The Word of God.


    • This is a pretty bold statement and I debating actually no approving the comment for lack of substance (and I think you are trying to bait people her). But in the interest of transparency I have decided to leave it up. I have to disagree entirely with you. While I would agree that Roman Catholicism or Eastern Catholicism or even Anglican Catholicism on their own are not wholly Christian, the entire catholic church is Christian. The word catholic means ‘universal’ and it is that universal church that was founded by Christ over 2000 years ago here on earth. I am hoping you are just naively ascribing a certain flavour of catholicism to Christianity and taking issue with that, surely you cannot have issue with the one, true, holy and apostolic church founded by Jesus.


      • There is nothing Christian about the catholic so-called church. I do not form part of/ally myself with the whore of Babylon.
        I know what’catholic’ means.
        Jesus would never start an abomination such as the RCC. It did not get started til Constantine came along in the early 5th/late 4th century.
        There’s nothing naive about me, I’ve been Christian since 1992 & have dealt with catholics since then and they were quite evil & ignorant of Scripture.
        There is ‘NO flavour’ of catholicism in Scriptural Christianity.
        Indeed, it is you that is quite naive/callow in your understanding of Scripture.
        Catholicism is NOT Apostolic & your so-called pope is not an Apostle.
        You need to read Acts 20 KJV properly.


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